About Us

Official Global Wellness Resources (GWR Thailand) is an importer and distributor company based in Thailand.

Global Wellness Resources Co., Ltd (GWR Thailand) The company was founded in 2018 by our Founder and the current CEO, MS. Kwanchanok Paothongjeen with a vision to bring the company to the forefront, the cutting-edge of beauty and wellness industry.

The company successfully established a partnership with the brand SkinMTX in the same year and added to our skincare portfolio a prominent cosmeceutical and in-clinic treatment product lines.

GWR puts major effort into building up its reputation as a provider of quality products which have earned the trust of both physicians and clinicians in Thailand. This is reflected by the growing number of our partner clinics and hospitals.

With trust placed in us by our partners, we strive with fervor to select wellness products to add to our list of offerings. It would be our pleasure to be able to work together with our future partners to deliver this sacred promise to our clients and partners and prosper together.


Our Mission

The contemporary wellness industry is dominated by the need to innovate but, it would be a critical negligent to overlook the changing landscape of consumers.

They seek innovation of course but, the need for personalization and an exclusive experience is a rising tide that we at GWR Thailand pay very close attention to.

As such, our sole mission is to provide our clients with the best products the industry has to offer and to help guide them through a journey to become more confident, healthier, and the actualization of the best self regardless of limitations. Because that is our belief, because "Look Matters".


Our Vision

GWR Thailand aims to be the expert in the field of wellness products; from cosmeceuticals, neutraceuticals, and medical devices to personal care products which we aim to provide our clients with the best the industry has to offer. Therefore, we take great care to not only seek out top-quality products but also rigorously research and test our every selection before we make it our offerings. To that end, our methodologies are meticulous, our scientific method strictly adheres to the highest standards of ethics and principles, and our hearts are entirely devoted to the work we do.

We call our approach “The Soul & Science of Beauty.” It represents foresight, responsibility, and actualization which place emphasis on the prospect of a long-term achievement that begins with well-informed actions that do not compromise our responsibility towards the environment, society, and most importantly, our clients and partners.

Our products will be sourced from reputable manufacturers that have demonstrated clear excellence in their product developments as well as environment-conscious, sustainability-conscious, and socially responsible principles. This is to ensure that our clients will receive not only the best commodities but ones which promote positive impacts to the world as well.