About Us

Official Importer and Distributor of Premium Health & Beauty Products

Global Wellness Resources Co., Ltd (GWR Thailand) imports and distributes a variety of health and beauty products from the world’s industry-leading brands. Our products cater to modern, health-conscious consumers. We import products directly from the manufacturer and distribute them to Thailand’s leading clinics, hospitals, and drugstores. You can have complete confidence knowing all our products are 100% genuine and approved by certified professionals.


Our Mission

Innovation in the cosmetics and beauty industry has traditionally been dominated by R&D advancements in formulation chemistry, backed by huge marketing budgets. Changing consumer preferences and expectations are now driving a wider range of new product innovations.

Today’s consumers want more from both the brand and its products: they’re looking for a personalized experience. At GWR Thailand, we’re working with some of the world’s leading personal care brands and seeing how this drive for a personal experience is shaping the future of cosmetics and beauty.

Looks Matter

Our sole mission is to provide our customers with best-in-class products and ensure that they feel confident, beautiful, and see the best version of themselves when they look in the mirror.


Our Vision

GWR Thailand aims to be a specialist in effective skin, hair, and body care products. We combine scientific excellence, technology, and passion to develop top-quality personal care products for our customers. We follow the highest ethical and scientific principles and always put our hearts into what we do each and every day.

We call our approach “The Soul & Science of Beauty.” It includes three aspects: foresight, responsibility and realization. That means identifying chances and investing resources now to achieve better results in the future, doing business by being responsible towards the environment, society, and our clients, as well as securing the best possible transparency within the product life cycle.

GWR Thailand’s products are created with renewable resources and sustainable methods based on three technology platforms: organics, silicones, and actives. We use top-quality ingredients that significantly contribute to the consistency, efficacy, and sensory appeal in our products. Our vision is to provide you with the best. We believe that looks matter, and that you can conquer the world with your beauty and confidence.