Night Resurfacing Booster+
The Ultimate Overnight Skin Regenerative Formulation for Complexion Rejuvenation.


Made in Switzerland

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Product Description

Ultimate overnight skin regenerative formulation for complexion rejuvenation

Key Ingredients

  • Pseudo-Placenta Peptide P5™ Growth factor complex that mimics the regenerative powers of placenta to promote youthful, firm, elastic skin
  • Acid+ Blend™ with 3 AHA & BHA Exfoliants Multi-layer exfoliation gentle enough to leave on overnight that visibly smoothens the complexion and evens skin tone
  • Hyal7™ Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid An advanced complex of different molecular weights to reach all layers of the skin to preserve elasticity, tone and suppleness


  • Clarifies & retextures skin to achieve optimal skin condition with better product absorption
  • Promotes the restoration of smoother, brighter, renewed complexion
  • Replenishes & retains optimal skin moisture levels for plump, supple and healthy-looking skin

Directions of use

  • Apply at night over thoroughly cleansed and toned face, avoiding the lips and eye contour area. A slight tinglingsensation may occur during application. Leave on overnight and follow with a moisturizer (optional).

e 15 ml/0.5 FL.OZ.