RadicalWhite™ Clarity Recovery Professional
Formulated with Nobel Prize awarded ingredient – Fullerene, a powerful fighter against the damaging effects of free radicals for effective lightening.

Made in Singapore

Product Description

Formulated with Nobel Prize Discovery of Fullerene for Effective Brightening

Key Ingredients

  • Fullerene This Nobel Prize-winning discovery has a potency of 125 times more antioxidant activity than vitamin C.
  • Alpha Arbutin Blocks epidermal melanin biosynthesis, promotes brightening and even skin tone on all skin types.
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3 or Vitamin PP) Key component of cell metabolism, has a brightening action and imparts glow to the complexion.


  • Aids to lighten skin discolorations, sun damage and other forms of pigmentation
  • Targets and helps control the formation of melanin with an advanced defence system
  • Brightens and lightens overall skin tone for an even complexion

Directions of use

Encourages Fresh Skin Renewal with Active Exfoliating Action

Step 1 – Resurfacing Peel (e 3ml/0.1 FL.OZ.)

Squeeze out the entire contents of the tube. Taking precaution to avoid the eye contours, use a brush to gently sweep the gel over face and neck. Leave on for 3 minutes. Use a cotton bud to massage gel into concentrated areas of pigmentation for up to 10 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with tepid water.

Note: Slight tingling sensation may be experienced upon product application.

Intensive Targets Stubborn Pigmentation and Discoloration for an Even Skin Tone

Step 2- Meta-C Complex (e 3ml/0.1 FL.OZ.)

Depress the bottle tip of the Meta-C Complex and empty the contents into the Meta-C Powder. Shake well and smooth the entire contents over face and neck. Gently massage using an upward, circular motion.

Note: This mixture is suitable for use with existing aesthetic equipment.

Infuses Bright Luminosity for a Fairer and More Unified Complexion

Step 3- Hydro-Max Gel Essence (e 8ml/0.27 FL.OZ.)

Apply entire contents of the essence over face and neck. Gently massage in an upward, circular motion until product has been fully absorbed.

Infuses Bright Luminosity for a Fairer and More Unified Complexion

Step 4- Intense Fusion Mask 1 (e 8ml/0.27 FL.OZ.)

Empty the entire contents of the tube and apply over thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Gently massage for 1 to 2 minutes using and upward circular motion. Without rising, follow up with step 5.

Rejuvenates and Unifies Skin Tone for a Youthfully Supple Appearance

Step 5- Booster White Mask 2 (e 15g)

Empty the entire contents of the sachet into a clean bowl and add approximately 60ml of water. Using a spatula, mix well for a creamy paste. Apply the mousse over face and neck, including the eye contours. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Starting from the neck, use a spatula to scrap off the mousse with an upward movement. Rinse off thoroughly with tepid water.