TeloLift Neck Cream
Lifting, Firming and Smoothening Actions for a Sculpted Neckline


Made in Singapore

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Product Description

Advanced formulation which is specifically designed to address the specific needs of the neck and décolleté area. SkinMTX presents TeloLift™ Neck Cream, a solution to the aging skin problems. With TeloZyme Complex™, an innovative approach to tackle the degeneration that skin cells may experienced with age; a botanical derivative that helps protect the cell's genetic integrity by preserving the length of the Telomere that manifested as a perceivable 33% increase in cellular replicative competence. In concert with an advanced biomimetic tetrapeptide that exerts a similar effect to skin cells as the youth hormone Thymopoietin which promote cells replication, upregulate keratin synthesis and cornification resulting in a more voluminous epidermis that is more resistant to sagging. Additionally, the formulae is supported by ElevateSkin™ that improve skin elasticity by promoting synthesis of collagen and elastin fibre within the dermis and, sodium hyaluronate that helps improve moisture retention as well as refine the skin appearance to be smoother and more supple.


  • Defines the neckline with firming, tightening and lifting action
  • Softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Boosts softness, suppleness and radiance through the power of hydration

Appropriate For: All skin type and all age group.

Benefits: Rejuvenate aged skin that experienced problems such as fragile and dry skin, sagging skin or visible age lines. As well as protecting the skin cells from the harmful effects of stress, pollution and free radicals that is the main cause of prematurely aged skin. Continuous uses of 1-6 months will improve the appearance of the skin to be defined, voluminous, moist and, appears more youthful with the effects being apparent within the first 30 days and achieving full effect at 6 months

Indication: Use daily in the morning and evening. Massage gently in an upward motion until the product is fully absorbed.
e 50 ml/1.7 FL. OZ.